2013 Week 7 – Why do Owner’s Representatives do this?

There are times when the Owner’s Rep introduces processes at the front end of the project that open the risk of significant unhappiness for everybody involved. This was one of those.


2012 Week 46 – Happy New Year

We try to provide a bit of a strategic lens. We look out into the mysteries of our world and in the places we practice to profile and characterize the strong signals and interpret, roughly, the implications of the weak signals. We’ll formulate and propose alternatives for consideration and develop a set of challenging questions to make sure we are all thinking at least somewhat critically.

2012 Week 40 – Can an ending make a stronger beginning?

Can an ending make a stronger beginning? One of our clients suspended their important new headquarters project this week. Their reasons for doing it relate to difficulties in the lease negotiations, but also in the background are varied, separate and interlinked considerations of organizational design, change communications, customer relationships, financial terms, economic conditions, cultural evolution

2012 Week 1– Combinatorial explosions

believe that we are in, or are about to be in, one of the more exciting, and threatening, periods in history. Accelerating technological momentum has the potential to rapidly create a few hugely successful winners, and a large body of lagging and declining losers. How people come to work in this period will define the success of their participation in change and advancement and, in turn, define the quality and character our society and culture.