2012 Week 46 – Happy New Year

This week has been a very busy one, both looking back and looking forward. We are in the process of editing our annual report and developing our outlook for next year.

We try to make this as inclusive a process as we can. We are interested in everyone’s assessment of what made us successful in the past year. And we are very interested in how the interests and passions of the team have evolved.

We try to provide a bit of a strategic lens. We look out into the mysteries of our world and in the places we practice to profile and characterize the strong signals and interpret, roughly, the implications of the weak signals. We’ll formulate and propose alternatives for consideration and develop a set of challenging questions to make sure we are all thinking at least somewhat critically.

We’ll develop a draft of our proposed direction – the things we want to do, the unique stuff we have to offer, our perception of the value our clients may place in what we do, etc. – and then socialize it with our colleagues. We are interested not just in an executive perception (we are actually informing the direction of the firm). Our peers in other practice areas may have experience to offer or may be experiencing directions in their own practice that might inform ours – services that may augment our own offering or opportunities where we can amplify theirs.

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