2012 Week 46 – Happy New Year

We try to provide a bit of a strategic lens. We look out into the mysteries of our world and in the places we practice to profile and characterize the strong signals and interpret, roughly, the implications of the weak signals. We’ll formulate and propose alternatives for consideration and develop a set of challenging questions to make sure we are all thinking at least somewhat critically.


Creation spaces

I grew up a few blocks down the street from an industrial design firm. Their offices were a quintessential representation of the time, the “Mad Men” of the design profession. I think I discovered them one day early in the life expansion when you get a bike and can travel a bit further without parental

Work looks different, now

One of the mantras we’ve used in developing new workplace designs for organizations dependent on creativity for their differentiation and performance is that “work looks different, now.” This is a formulation meant primarily for senior executives and for the facilities teams who serve them. We use it to open their eyes and minds to the