Week 40 – Intentional misalignment, misaligned intents

We are into week 3 of a very intense focus to develop a design for a new multidisciplinary lab building in 5 weeks. The endpoint is a critical application to the state requesting a commitment of financial support to make the project feasible. A primary ingredient of the week was therefore the continual testing, calibration

Weeknotes 1

Even though there have been significant moves and well-developed practices over the past half century to remove self interest from the individual members of project teams, it is clear that the transparency that each party advocates and would benefit from is still something that is feared, or worst, manipulated for the individual gain that will, inevitably, result in lower satisfaction for all members of the team.

Will a national innovation strategy spark an innovation race?

China has apparently been building a metrics-driven national innovation policy. Moving from a previous status as an imitator, the country now believes it very important to be innovators on their own. Previous anxiety over the country’s failure to respect and protect intellectual property developed and patented elsewhere may now evolve into anxiety over the volume